4 Signs it is Time to Buy a New Mattress

If you are sleeping on an old mattress, it could very well be time to replace! There are many signs that indicate the need for a new mattress. It is important to pay attention to those signs and head to the Phoenix area furniture stores to make the purchase when the need arises. Four of the biggest signs that it is time to buy a new mattress are below.

1- It is Damaged

Do not sleep on a damaged mattress! Those lumps and bumps affect the quality of the sleep that you receive each night. Replacing a damaged mattress immediately is the only way to catch the ZZZs that you need.

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2- Aches & Pains

Maybe it is the mattress causing that aching back and the other pains that you feel. Many people fail to realize that it is their mattress that is causing all of the stress they experience. Do not include yourself in that category.

3- You Got the Looks

How does the mattress look? If it looks like it has been through a war or two, it is time to replace. An ugly mattress is not the mattress to use in your bedroom!

4- Age

How old is the mattress that you use on your bed? If you’re using a mattress that is 7 -8 year old, it has served its purpose and now it is time to replace. Even mattresses have lifespans and it is important to replace once that time is up.

There are numerous signs that indicate the need for a new mattress, including the four above. Pay attention to those signs and take heed. When it is time for a mattress replacement, this is not something that you want to put off.