Assisted Living for Your Loved One

Assisted living is designed to help individuals who need a bit of help with their day-to-day activities like housekeeping, bathing and grooming, medication reminders, and even companionship. Many people take advantage of assisted living at home services for their loved one. It is far better of an option than life in a nursing home. The individual receiving the at-home care enjoy benefits which include:

·    Freedom to maintain independence

·    Great for people who do not have life-threatening illnesses or injuries

·    Easier than transitioning to a nursing home

·    Individuals are more comfortable in an environment that is familiar and known to them

·    More affordable than a nursing home

These benefits are only a handful of those that you’ll enjoy when using this service. Assisted living care is available whenever it is needed. You can hire the caregiver of your choice, which is also a bonus. Have the caregiver come out on a full-time basis, to provide weekend care, to offer their help part-time, or even on a PRN schedule. You pick and choose when care is provided and always control the situation perfectly. You pay a low hourly fee for the services and aren’t spending extra money for time when the services aren’t being used.

assisted living at home services

Using assisted living care is a great option for people of all ages, though it is more commonly used by seniors and people with disabilities. It offers family peace of mind that their loved one is receiving the care they need, when it is needed. That is not always a guarantee when dealing with a nursing home. It seems there are more and more horror stories of nursing home abuse and neglect and when your loved one needs help, that is the last experience that you want them to have.